All you need to know about permanent lip makeup

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All You Need To Know About Permanent Lip Makeup
(Lip Blushing)

Permanent Lip Makeup (Lip Blushing)

As technology continues to advance, so are makeup application techniques, for instance, permanent eyeliner or permanent lip makeup. No longer do you have to spend countless hours putting on mascara, lip liner or tint in front of a mirror. With a simple click of a button, you can begin your permanent lip makeup experience with me, Sabria. However, if you’re not sure what permanent makeup procedure you want start with first check out my other blogs here.

In this blog, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about permanent lip makeup or lip blushing: a new permanent makeup technique that I’ve learned over the years. Let me just say, I absolutely love this technique so much that I had to have it done on myself, and the results are amazing! If you want to see the lip services that I offer, just click here. I not only offer lip blushing, I also offer lip contouring and full lip colour application as well. The reason why I love lip blush so much is because it appears so natural and subtle once healed, think of the effect your favorite lip tint leaves – but permanent. Depending on your skin tone, the pigment you choose will appear slightly different upon healing, but still gorgeous!

What Is Permanent Lip Makeup (Lip Blushing)

Lip blush, or lip blushing is a fairly new permanent makeup technique that has become quite the trend in today’s beauty/fashion industry – for good reason. This procedure is different from anything I’ve offered before. It enhances the beauty of your natural lip colour and will also shape your lips, giving them more definition and fullness. PMU lips are similar to nanoneedling whereas tiny needles penetrate the lips and deposits pigment into skin. Lip blush is not like any other traditional cosmetic tattoo which can eventually damage skin beyond repair. Lip blushing involves little disruption to the dermis, created with real pigments, and created with safer machinery. If you have any question about our lip blush services – ask away here.

Choosing Your Shade!

The shade you choose also depends on the technique you desire. If you’re looking for more subtle, plump lips – a lighter pigment would be best or a lip blush. For a bolder look, a darker pigment is much more suitable – full lips or lip contouring. Being a professional makeup artist for 10+ years, I have come to master mixing pigments in order to match my clients skin tone. This means whatever shade you choose will be mixed and customized to your liking. I suggest that you schedule a free permanent lip makeup consultation in order to discuss the desired look, shade, and shape you want here!

Permanent Lip Makeup Lip Blushing - Choosing your shade

How Long Does It Last?

Your permanent lip blush will last for up to two years without any retouching. After those two years, you’ll start noticing your permanent lip makeup will begin to fade. If you aren’t pleased with the overall look of your lip blush, you can come in for more colour after the healing process is complete. It takes about 5 to 10 days for your lip blush to heal.

Is there pain?

I like to apply a topical numbing cream so my clients will only feel a light prickling sensation on their lips as I apply pigment. I take my work very seriously, so I ask my client’s who’ve received permanent lip makeup if they’ve experienced any side effects, and the majority say no. Only a little redness and swelling is experienced after a couple of days.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for this procedure may vary depending on what PMU lip service is chosen. We offer Full Lips, Lip Contouring, and Lip Blush services, all varying from $600-650. Each technique offers clients a different look, if you want to see more pictures of my work – check out my instagram.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The permanent lip makeup procedure can take about an hour and a half. So, make sure you’ve blocked out at least two hours of your schedule in order for me to do the best work I can. I’m a perfectionist, therefore I like to take my time to assure everything turns out beautiful.

If you’re not ready to book your permanent lip makeup procedure, no worries. Here are some of my favourite lip tints and colours to test out how your pmu lips will look on you!
YSL Vinyl lip Stain $37.00

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How To Become A Permanent Makeup Artist

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How to become a Microblading/Permanent Makeup Artist

So you’re considering becoming a permanent makeup artist! Excellent Idea. You’ll be joining the ranks of permanent makeup artists all around the world who have lucrative careers in permanent cosmetics — a stimulating and rewarding profession.

But let’s stop right there. Microblading is really old-school. In fact the only reason you will see me mention it in this article is so google helps you find me. 

Today the landscape of permanent makeup is making huge technological strides. The artistry is the same but, now infused with technology, the application has evolved. 

If you haven’t already heard about Nanoneedling you can learn everything you need to know here. For our article today we’re going to use Nanoneedling in all of our examples. 

Often we think of microblading when we think of permanent makeup but let’s not forget that Microblading is only a technique. In Canada there is no specific road map to becoming a permanent makeup artist other than dedication and determination. I have traveled the world to study under some of the industry’s most talented permanent makeup professionals. I have invested 10’s of thousands in training over the course of 6 years. Certification is very important. It helps you build trust with your clients and also allows you to insure your business. Without Certification you will not be able to garner the insurance necessary to protect yourself from liabilities. 

Here I will try to answer all of your questions about becoming a Nanoneedling/permanent makeup artist as it relates to my own success.

So, what are permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics (Nanoneedling, or permanent makeup) is a practice that uses specialized electronic devices to deposit pigments under the skin. The purpose of this technique is to replicate a natural makeup look that is permanent. To be honest it’s really for anyone, from the busy corporate mom to the brave warrior battling cancer. Older women and women with parkinson’s disease also turn to permanent cosmetics when applying daily makeup has become a laborious or even impossible task. Permanent cosmetics is also a recourse for women who want to skip applying makeup every day and enhance their appearance in a more permanent way. Whoever your client is, I assure you they are in abundance and they all need someone they can trust to capture their true beauty and freeze it in time.

Why should you start a career in the permanent makeup industry?

I love being a permanent makeup artist. Though it can be a high stakes job with no room for mistakes, if you work well under pressure like I do, you can change lives. 

There are many benefits to choosing this very unique profession. First of all, the fact that it’s a highly specialized profession means there is less competition, and I mean real competition. For example, there are far fewer permanent makeup artists than there are hair stylists. As a result, permanent makeup artists can charge more for their services and as a result have higher incomes. The demand for permanent cosmetics is increasing year after year as the technology and pigments become more and more advanced and the social appeal towards the techniques are growing in popularity. 

Also, this job gives you the freedom to be your own boss when you’re ready.  According to a 2016 survey from the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, 87.1% of permanent makeup professionals who took the survey are self-employed and almost another 20% are independent contractors. In the last 4 years, as we enter into 2020 we have only seen these statistics increase.

The following estimates in the linked survey are moderate, and unfortunately in 2016 not many people were using Nanoneedling so most of the numbers are reflecting

What is the average salary for a permanent makeup artist?

A quick google search will show you that this is a tricky question to answer. The 3 most common reasons it’s hard to pinpoint a specific salary range are:

  1. It’s a very specialized field;
  2. Income depends on how much the artist charges per procedure and how many procedures he or she does;
  3. Salaries are not the norm, as most permanent makeup artists are self-employed.

Remember, permanent make up artists usually do several procedures, most commonly eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Some estimates online say the average salary is between $65,000 to $120,000 a year. These projections can vary greatly, but it is important to note that even the lowest of that range is a very decent salary by Canadian standards.

For the purposes of estimating how much you could earn as a permanent makeup artist, I can only speak from my own experience as a business owner and in doing so, it would be more accurate to discuss income and profit. Income is the total amount of revenue that you will pocket immediately after a procedure, and profit will be whatever is left after you pay for expenses such as: wages, material, rent, licenses, insurance, tax liabilities etc.

Let’s start with just Nanoneedling for this example. Nanoneedling prices vary greatly depending on location and the esthetician’s experience. We have seen prices go as low as $400 and as high as $1500. The math for gross earnings is fairly simple.


Average cost of Nano Brows


Clients per week
(At this stage of my career I do about 3 per day)


Potential Yearly Income, Not including tips

Now, that’s just the income you could potentially earn if you only worked eyebrows. Let’s run some more numbers, based off the data supplied by the SPCP 2016 study.

Point #30 of the study asks surveyors to list how many NEW procedures they perform each month, excluding touch-ups. Let’s take eyebrows, eyeliner, full lip color, and lip liner. Point #33 lists the average fee for each procedure based on the surveyors’ individual answers.


Monthly Earning Projections
$ 5,783
  • 13 new procedures per month
  • at $445 each


Monthly Earning Projections
$ 4,220
  • 10 new procedures per month
  • at $422 each

Full Lip Colour

Monthly Earning Projections
$ 2,316
  • 4 new procedures per month
  • at $579 each

Lip Liner

Monthly Earning Projections
$ 1,696
  • 4 new procedures per month
  • at $424 each

Monthly Earnings

14, 017

Keep in mind, these are just estimates, and they are based on several variables. I have not deducted the many operational expenses from these figures.

All Businesses Start Small

It takes time and dedication to grow your business. You need to set your expectations realistically. This kind of income doesn’t just happen overnight.  Nano Needling and permanent makeup are an art that takes years to master. It will also take time for you to build a reputation and become recognized for how well you do your job, as it would with any other business. So while I do believe it is very possible to make a very good income with this career, it’s up to you to apply yourself.

Location, as well as experience, play a huge part in how high you can price your services. If you wish to go into business for yourself, there will also be some start up costs: training, certification, business licensing, machinery, rent of a facility, furniture and digital advertising & branding are just some of the costs you will come across when setting up your own practice.

What training will you need?

Whether or not training is a requirement for you to have a license will depend on local regulations regulations, but you should invest even if it is not. Your main responsibility with your future clients will be to provide the best service you can and in order to do that, you need to learn from a professional and perfect your art through practice.

You may choose to start by taking a general permanent makeup course that would generally teach the most common procedures (eyebrows, eyeliners and lips) Or, you could start by focusing on one specific technique, Nanoneedling, for example. 

You can enroll for our winter 2020 classes here.

Get An Apprenticeship Or Go Straight To Work?

The truth is, this is up to you. Some people have a natural inclination to permanent makeup and are gifted enough and confident enough to start building clientele while others. if they have the opportunity, will opt for further training through apprenticeship. Some courses will include apprenticeship as part of their curriculum, but often the fee is higher. 

If you choose to go straight to work and start building a clientele you will need to be ready to invest in your business.

List of Permanent Cosmetics Startup Costs

Like any business you can imagine there will be some significant start up costs. Some of you will choose to work from home, and others will opt to invest in a dedicated space. No matter what situation best describes you it’s important to keep your brand at the top of your mind. Your brand (ultimately you) will rely entirely on your reputation. So remember investing in your reputation and your brand should be at the top of mind.

Nano Gun
Medical Swabs
Booking Software
Rolling Stool
Rubbing Alcohol
Business Cards
Business Registration
Tattoo Bed
Practice Pads
Brow Pens
Marketing Support
Shaping Tools
Paid Advertising
Business Coaching

How long will it take to be successful?

As I’ve said throughout this article, the sky’s the limit. If your branding is on point and your services are reputable you can grow your business to a self sustaining, profitable model within 6 months. 

Your success will be measured in more than profits. Your reputation and approach to business will be a key factor in the sustainability of your business. While this is true in any business, it is most paramount in the permanent makeup industry. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the amount of trust required to let a stranger tattoo your face. This is why training and practice are so important. 

The most important thing to launch your career is the right training.

Nanoneedling Training Course with Sabria Bullaku in Ottawa, Ontario

I offer several different courses. If you’re just looking at starting your career in permanent makeup I strongly suggest starting with eyebrows and more specifically nanoneedling. 

My beginner course on nanoneedling will cover several key areas you will need to start your career in permanent makeup. 

We will discuss the type of equipment required to make the most of your profession. Tools are your best friend but there are literally hundreds of options. I’ll help you learn what tools are at the top of the pro list and why.

Most of our time will be spent on technique. The core of your business will be centered around your technique. There are several techniques to learn based on different variables. I’ll help you identify the methods to shaping the brow and applying the permanent pigment. 

For a full breakdown of our training and schedule, signup below and you will receive an email with more information.

What Is Nano Needling (Nano Brows)?

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What is nanoneedling (nano brows)

Hey Guys, it’s me Sabria again! For this blog, I’d like to discuss in more detail what exactly is nanoneedling or what I like to call it: Nano Brows. Before I begin to, I’d first like to thank all of my clients, website visitors, Instagram & Facebook followers. Without you guys, Brows & Beyond and myself would not be in the position that we are today! With that being said, I’d like to offer my beloved audience a glimpse of what I do for a living, and why I love it. If you’d like to check out my other blogs, click here. By the end of this blog, I can guarantee that you’ll be interested in the nanoneedling experience, and hopefully you’re ready to sign up for your new brows – or maybe even learn how to do it

Happy Reading!

1.What are nano brows?

Nano Brows are created using a nanoneedling technique that is kind of a mixture between Microblading & Powdered Brows. This permanent makeup technique is created with a singular needle that is operated by a machine. The nanoneedling technique is kind of like getting a tattoo but instead of ink, we use Tina Davies Permanent Makeup Pigments. This specific technique requires a device that’s catered to creating precise lines while administering pigment into the skin. 

2.What’s the difference between nanoneedling
(nano brows) & microblading?

The reason why I compare different techniques to microblading is because I generally do not like the microblading technique as much as I Powdered or nanoneedling techniques. I feel that microblading offers clients a limited look, takes longer, and is super invasive. Nanoneedling is less traumatic on the skin, giving you a more desirable look, as well as faster healing times. Microblading is done manually and the tools used can not only damage the skin more than nanoneedling, it can also create deeper lines which may not heal properly. Powdered Brows, which is explained more here, has more of an ombre effect whereas Nano Brows has more of a stippling/shading combination.

3.Will the nanoneedling (nano brow) technique hurt?

As a professional, I will never lie to you. If you’re new to needles or any cosmetic tattooing, nanoneedling might get a little intense. That’s ok though, before every procedure, I like to apply a numbing cream to help ease the pain- if any. To be honest, the pain level varies among clients- some have a higher tolerance than others. Even though the nanoneedling technique may hurt a little depending on the person, I can say honestly, it’s only a little! Lol

4.How long does the nanoneedling (nano brow) technique take?

I really do not like this question,  but over the years, it’s probably become the most common question I get among my clients- prospective & current. The reason why I don’t like this question is simple; what I love to do is difficult, and can be very taxing physically & mentally. It’s crucial to understand that there’s more to nanoneedling (nano brows than what it may seem. There are things like: Mapping, Sketching, Blending, & more. Permanent Makeup is truly an art form, but, if I were to give an estimated time frame on how long it will take to complete the Nano Brow experience, I’d say it would take me about 2 hours to complete.

5. How long does it take for nanoneedling (nano brows) to heal?

This is a really hard question to answer because everyone is different but so is their skin. It’s normal to see some scabbing or flaking as your Nano Brows heal. Scabbing and flaking of the brows usually last for 2 weeks. It will take up to four weeks for your eyebrows to return to their normal look and colour. This may seem like a long time, but trust me, it’s worth it!

6.How do I get nano brows?

Well before you do anything, do your homework! I have seen many people come into my salon over the years with not so great pmu work. It’s much harder to cover up a bad job than to just add to a great one. In other words, this is why I do not like to work with other artist’s work. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do all the research you can before booking your next nanoneedling (Nano Brows) appointment. From Artist Training to cost- make sure everything adds up and is legit. After you do that, you should be pretty much sold on nano brows; no matter the artist. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me and set up a consultation.


Are you so obsessed with nanoneedling (nano brows) that you are thinking about becoming a PMU Artist? If so, check out this page here. At Brows & Beyond, we offer exclusive PMU classes throughout the year, so if the course you’d like to take isn’t there- keep checking!

Thanks Guys,

Sabria <3


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13 Questions About Powdered Brows!

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13 Questions About Powdered Brows

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Microblading or Powdered Brows? If the answer is yes, don’t worry I got you covered!  If you don’t know who I am, my name is Sabria Bullaku and I’m the owner here at Brows & Beyond.  I’ve been in the Permanent Make-Up Industry for years and over those years, I have come to notice the confusion between the different procedures that encompasses the PMU industry & arise among prospective clients.  I’d like to ease that confusion and inform ANYONE who is interested in getting a Permanent Make-up procedure or maybe even learn. To learn more about our training programs, click here. In this blog, I’ve answered 13 questions about Powdered Brows, which I believe are crucial for any prospective client, artist, or casual web browser to know- Enjoy!

1. What is the difference between Powdered Brows & Microblading?

The first difference between Powdered Brows & Microblading is that Microblading is done manually with a handheld tool made of many tiny needles, and the Powdered Brow effect is created with a handheld machine. The machine that I use helps create a nice even distribution of pigment across the eyebrow. The Second difference is that Microblading is not as versatile, meaning that you are limited to the amount of times you can get the procedure done.


2. What are Powdered Brows?

Powdered Brows is another term that I like to use for Ombre/Shading Brows. To achieve the Powdered Brow effect, I use an automatic needle which is powered by a specialized machine. Microscopic dots are applied to the skin, creating an “ombre” or powdered effect, you may see this look done by Make-up enthusiast on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube. If you want to check out the powdered brow effect, check out my Instagram!

3. Which one is better, Microblading or Powdered Brows?

Honestly, I would choose powdered brow experience over the microblading experience in a heartbeat. The Powdered Brow technique doesn’t show lines on your brows, which a lot of people think looks more natural and similar to hair strokes. However, this is not the case once your eyebrows are healed. There’s nothing wrong with having your permanent eyebrows look more softer & less noticeable.

4. How are they created?

Powdered brows are created by using a needle and a machine (think of traditional tattoo). A machine such as XionS from FK IRONS is used with Vertix needles to create the pixel  look. We use permablend pigments which are vegan and a high quality line of permanent makeup pigments. 

I’ve travelled extensively to train with some of the Worlds Master Permanent Makeup Artist in this technique such as: Elaine Campin from England; Zoe Hughes from Swansea; Aniela Korabinka and Olena Oliynyk both from Ireland; Mary Richardson in United States and finally; Teryn Darling from Las Vegas. These are just the training sessions for this particular technique!

5. How much do Powdered Brows cost?

For this specific technique, I charge $650. It’s a great investment when you consider the amount of time and money you’ll save from makeup application and buying beauty products. To book a consultation, give us a call or connect with us on social media here!

6. Is the Aftercare any different from Microblading, if so, how?

The aftercare for isn’t much different from microblading, keep in mind though that every artist has a different aftercare regimine. With my aftercare plan, I really like to focus on how to clean your powdered brows properly, not just applying ointment. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both just as important, but if I had to choose – cleaning would come first. When clients get their brows done, I provide them with an aftercare kit which includes the ointment and the cotton pads which are to be used to wipe your eyebrows every hour the first day.

7. How many touch ups will I need after?

The beauty about Powdered Brows is that you can go without a touch up for quite some time. Typically, the only time I do a touch up is if a client wants to give their eyebrows a little extra pop by adding more pigment. A touch up is usually done after 15 months. However, If a client happens to have mature, dry skin, a touch up is done every 3+years.

8.What skin types are suitable for Powdered Brows?

Another great benefit of which the Powdered Brow effect offers is that it’s the only pmu experience suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES, including those with oilier skin. If you happen to have little to no hair, Powdered Brows are great for you as it provides a more shaded and will give you a more realistic looking eyebrow in comparison to a tattoo. On the contrary to what people may believe, hair strokes in your eyebrows will just look silly. Moreover, Powdered Brows are great for people with hair as well, especially if you’re looking to add more dimensions and volume to your eyebrows.

9. I have oily skin.

It does not matter if you have oily skin, as stated above, the powdered brow experience is great for oily skin types. If you have oily skin, trust me, you will not regret your new brows! To book a Powdered Brows appointment, click here!

10. Does the Powdered Brows technique offer a natural “hair stroke look”?

If you’re thinking about getting Powdered Brows, keep in mind that this experience will not give you a “hair stroke” finish to your brows. Many people think that the hairstroke look is more natural looking but as time goes by and the pigment fades, the hair strokes you desired will begin to look sloppy and noticeable.

11. How long does a typical Powdered Brow procedure take?

The powdered technique takes roughly 2 hours in total. 1hr 30mins will be spent on shading and perfecting the brows powdered effect, and 30 mins of the 2 hours will be allocated to the shape of your brows. Once your new brow are mapped out, depending on your pain tolerance, a numbing cream will be applied and then we begin the powdered brow experience!

12. Is there any special ointment I should by after I get my Powdered Brows done?

We provide all clients with an aftercare ointment from and If you have a special ointment that you love, please bring it in before your Powdered Brows Experience, I just love learning about new products. Also, I’ll be able to discern if the product you have is good for your aftercare plan or not.

13. Do you teach people how to do Powdered Brows?

YES! If you’re interested in learning the Powdered Brows technique, give me a call at 613-617-2769 & we can discuss when our next BEGINNER’S COURSE is. Our keep checking this page here, as I hold different courses throughout the year- so STAY TUNED!

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What Is Microblading – Everything you need to know!

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Hello Ladies,

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Sabria Bullaku & I’m the owner here at Brows and Beyond, located in Ottawa, Ontario. At Brows and Beyond, I specialize in permanent makeup, lash extensions, skin tightening and eyebrow shaping and tinting. 

The world of permanent makeup isn’t a new concept, techniques like Mircoblading have been around for years, however techniques like Powdered & Nano Brows have become quite the rage due to the advances in technology & pigments within the permanent makeup industry. With all of the permanent makeup solutions out there, it may be hard to decipher which is right for you. Powerdered Brows, Nanoneedling and microblading each exhibit enhancements that are alluring, clean, & striking for years to come. In this blog, I will discuss the wonders of Microblading and how it has evolved with technology. Also I’ll answer all of the most frequently asked questions from my potential and returning clients – enjoy!

1. What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up procedure that enhances or creates natural looking brows. The truth is, many of us are not born with perfectly symmetrical, deeply vibrant, or youthfully full looking brows. The Microblading technique was created by manually implanting pigment into the epidermis of your skin within the eyebrow region, creating very fine hair-like strokes to reshape or fill in your eyebrows. To better understand this process, I like to think of the bladding portion as though it were a cat scratching you. Once the skin has been opened, just like a tattoo, ink is applied to this very fine scratch and left to settle for 10 minutes. The ink will take to the scratch only where the surface has been wounded and as it heals the ink becomes part of the new tissue, leaving you with a very fine and precise hairlike stroke.

2. How long does the Microblading procedure take?

The Microblading procedure can take up to 2-3 hours depending on various factors like skin type, sensitivity etc. Because every stroke has to be perfectly planned and customized to your natural brow hair pattern to achieve the most natural and brilliant aesthetic, I take the greatest care on every stroke. It is more than a skilled service I’m providing you, every stroke is an artistic expression of your potential beauty. And I take that very seriously

3. Does Microblading hurt?

Don’t worry, I tend to use numbing cream for the procedure. The numbing cream last for about 3 hours. Often if there is any discomfort it is right at the end of the procedure.  Pain level from clients is roughly 5/10. Majority of my clients find that the front of the brow hurts a little more than the tail.

4. How long does the healing process take for Microblading?

It’s important to understand your healing process in a matter of phases. The first phase usually takes about 7-10 days. During this phase the flaking will come off & your eyebrows will return to their natural look. 

The second phase will take about 30 days for it to be completely healed. After this phase it’s safe to start increasing your exposure to the sun, and use makeup as you would normally apply it.

5. Should I stay away from certain skincare during the healing process?

You should stay away from all skincare products and makeup for the first 10 days after your Microblading procedure. You can still apply your creams/cleaners to your face, but stay away from your T-zone & Eyebrow region. Just because your getting your eyebrows done doesn’t mean you have to stop your skincare routine entirely, however, be cautious about where you’re applying your creams, makeup, cleansers, etc., and steer clear from putting anything directly on your eyebrows.

6. Can I continue to exercise during the healing process?

Excess sweating can push the pigment out of your skin. I would say wait at least 10 days prior to your Microblading procedure before doing any rigorous cardio or any exercises that induces excess sweating. If you want to work out, I’d say go for it! However, stick to the light stuff – like weights!

7. How long does Semi-Permanent pigment last?

We actually aren’t allowed to use the word “semi-permanent” anymore – the reason being is that we never know how long it’s going to last on the client. Even though the molecules are a lot bigger in pigment colours compared to ink, it still comes down to the clients skin. Some artists work deeper so that is going to last even longer – especially if it isn’t done right. That’s just another reason it’s important to come see me. My reputation for professional and outstanding permanent make-up is indicative of the kind of perfection you can expect in my work.

8. Will I need any touch-ups, if so how many?

Microblading is a wonderful permanent makeup solution, however one of it’s main downsides is that: it’s done with a blade. A blade can only go so far without causing tremendous bleeding, thus making pigment harder to get into your skin. Touch-ups are very common and the big problem with that is the more touch-ups, the more scar tissue. So, if you’ve had Microblading done before and would like to get a touch-up – consult with a licensed Permanent Makeup Professional in order to determine the best touch-up solutions

9. Is Microblading suitable for all skin types?

Microblading is probably only suitable for less than 10% of the population. Microblading is not recommended for mature skin because of how invasive the procedure may be. For normal to oily skin it’s an even bigger no-no because it will fade RIGHT away, these skin types are also prone to excess bleeding. Microblading is suitable for Dry Skin but not just any dry skin, we’re talking about dry skin that is smooth and perfect like a baby’s bum (which is rare). But I say why damage that skin with a blade when there are other options such as nano-brows and powdered brows

10. I’ve had Microblading done before on my eyebrows but the pigment didn’t last as long as they said it would, do you know why?

There are many factors that can contribute to the loss of pigment, here are some: 

– pigment was not suitable for your skin  

– the artist used a light colour or was way to gentle

– aftercare wasn’t done properly

If 40% of your Microblading pigment has faded, that isn’t anyone’s fault. It’s common for Microblading to fade that much but if you’ve noticed that the colour has gone grey/red, it’s likely the artist chose the wrong colour or went too deep. It also could be the way your skin heals. 

To be honest, Microblading isn’t a cheap procedure, it often fades way beyond the client’s expectations, and is very invasive on your skin. Even though Microblading has some downsides, those beautiful, crisp, defined strokes trump it all. On the other hand, there are other options out there like Nano Brows and Powdered Brows which are less invasive and easier to maintain. They are the future of microblading and will eventually replace the technique all together. Not sure if Microblading is still the right choice for you? Give me a call to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION, or stop on by and we can discuss the next step in your Permanent Makeup regiment.

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