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The Future of Makeup!

Permanent Makeup has come a long way, with advancing technology it's possible for women & men to achieve a long lasting makeup effect!


From Microblading to Ombre Brows, we have various procedures for your permanent makeup solutions!


$ 450
  • Give your lips a hint of colour with the perfect lip blush


$ 450
  • Highlight your lips natural dimensions with full lip contouring. Each colour shadow, & blush is matched to fit your complexion!


$ 500
  • Don't worry about applying lip colour again with our Full Lips PMU services..

Enhanced Lip Line

Shape & contour your lips with permanent lip tattoos.

perfect eyeliner

Always have the perfect eyeliner with our permanent eyeliner procedures!

Long Lasting

Permanent Lip Color offers long lasting pigments, just like your favorite long lasting lipsticks!

define your lashes

Define your natural lashes with our permanent makeup lash line enhancements!


Here at Brows & Beyond, we have the latest trends in permanent makeup solutions like: 


$ 450
  • Never stress over eyeliner application again!


$ 550
  • Tired of putting on eyeliner? Try our Smokey Eyeliner for a subtle look yet permanent look!


     We all know the amount of work involved when it comes to our make-up. When it comes to cosmetics, there are two types of people: those who love the process and those who don’t.

     For those who love the process we can assure you that permanent makeup still has a place in your routine. Permanent lip color, Lash-line Enhancement and lip contouring are all beneficial procedures that will surely shorten up the less creative parts of their routine. 

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