13 Questions About Powdered Brows

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Microblading or Powdered Brows? If the answer is yes, don’t worry I got you covered!  If you don’t know who I am, my name is Sabria Bullaku and I’m the owner here at Brows & Beyond.  I’ve been in the Permanent Make-Up Industry for years and over those years, I have come to notice the confusion between the different procedures that encompasses the PMU industry & arise among prospective clients.  I’d like to ease that confusion and inform ANYONE who is interested in getting a Permanent Make-up procedure or maybe even learn. To learn more about our training programs, click here. In this blog, I’ve answered 13 questions about Powdered Brows, which I believe are crucial for any prospective client, artist, or casual web browser to know- Enjoy!

1. What is the difference between Powdered Brows & Microblading?

The first difference between Powdered Brows & Microblading is that Microblading is done manually with a handheld tool made of many tiny needles, and the Powdered Brow effect is created with a handheld machine. The machine that I use helps create a nice even distribution of pigment across the eyebrow. The Second difference is that Microblading is not as versatile, meaning that you are limited to the amount of times you can get the procedure done.


2. What are Powdered Brows?

Powdered Brows is another term that I like to use for Ombre/Shading Brows. To achieve the Powdered Brow effect, I use an automatic needle which is powered by a specialized machine. Microscopic dots are applied to the skin, creating an “ombre” or powdered effect, you may see this look done by Make-up enthusiast on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube. If you want to check out the powdered brow effect, check out my Instagram!

3. Which one is better, Microblading or Powdered Brows?

Honestly, I would choose powdered brow experience over the microblading experience in a heartbeat. The Powdered Brow technique doesn’t show lines on your brows, which a lot of people think looks more natural and similar to hair strokes. However, this is not the case once your eyebrows are healed. There’s nothing wrong with having your permanent eyebrows look more softer & less noticeable.

4. How are they created?

Powdered brows are created by using a needle and a machine (think of traditional tattoo). A machine such as XionS from FK IRONS is used with Vertix needles to create the pixel  look. We use permablend pigments which are vegan and a high quality line of permanent makeup pigments. 

I’ve travelled extensively to train with some of the Worlds Master Permanent Makeup Artist in this technique such as: Elaine Campin from England; Zoe Hughes from Swansea; Aniela Korabinka and Olena Oliynyk both from Ireland; Mary Richardson in United States and finally; Teryn Darling from Las Vegas. These are just the training sessions for this particular technique!

5. How much do Powdered Brows cost?

For this specific technique, I charge $650. It’s a great investment when you consider the amount of time and money you’ll save from makeup application and buying beauty products. To book a consultation, give us a call or connect with us on social media here!

6. Is the Aftercare any different from Microblading, if so, how?

The aftercare for isn’t much different from microblading, keep in mind though that every artist has a different aftercare regimine. With my aftercare plan, I really like to focus on how to clean your powdered brows properly, not just applying ointment. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both just as important, but if I had to choose – cleaning would come first. When clients get their brows done, I provide them with an aftercare kit which includes the ointment and the cotton pads which are to be used to wipe your eyebrows every hour the first day.

7. How many touch ups will I need after?

The beauty about Powdered Brows is that you can go without a touch up for quite some time. Typically, the only time I do a touch up is if a client wants to give their eyebrows a little extra pop by adding more pigment. A touch up is usually done after 15 months. However, If a client happens to have mature, dry skin, a touch up is done every 3+years.

8.What skin types are suitable for Powdered Brows?

Another great benefit of which the Powdered Brow effect offers is that it’s the only pmu experience suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES, including those with oilier skin. If you happen to have little to no hair, Powdered Brows are great for you as it provides a more shaded and will give you a more realistic looking eyebrow in comparison to a tattoo. On the contrary to what people may believe, hair strokes in your eyebrows will just look silly. Moreover, Powdered Brows are great for people with hair as well, especially if you’re looking to add more dimensions and volume to your eyebrows.

9. I have oily skin.

It does not matter if you have oily skin, as stated above, the powdered brow experience is great for oily skin types. If you have oily skin, trust me, you will not regret your new brows! To book a Powdered Brows appointment, click here!

10. Does the Powdered Brows technique offer a natural “hair stroke look”?

If you’re thinking about getting Powdered Brows, keep in mind that this experience will not give you a “hair stroke” finish to your brows. Many people think that the hairstroke look is more natural looking but as time goes by and the pigment fades, the hair strokes you desired will begin to look sloppy and noticeable.

11. How long does a typical Powdered Brow procedure take?

The powdered technique takes roughly 2 hours in total. 1hr 30mins will be spent on shading and perfecting the brows powdered effect, and 30 mins of the 2 hours will be allocated to the shape of your brows. Once your new brow are mapped out, depending on your pain tolerance, a numbing cream will be applied and then we begin the powdered brow experience!

12. Is there any special ointment I should by after I get my Powdered Brows done?

We provide all clients with an aftercare ointment from www.browseyeslips.com and afterinked.com. If you have a special ointment that you love, please bring it in before your Powdered Brows Experience, I just love learning about new products. Also, I’ll be able to discern if the product you have is good for your aftercare plan or not.

13. Do you teach people how to do Powdered Brows?

YES! If you’re interested in learning the Powdered Brows technique, give me a call at 613-617-2769 & we can discuss when our next BEGINNER’S COURSE is. Our keep checking this page here, as I hold different courses throughout the year- so STAY TUNED!