All You Need To Know About Permanent Lip Makeup
(Lip Blushing)

Permanent Lip Makeup (Lip Blushing)

As technology continues to advance, so are makeup application techniques, for instance, permanent eyeliner or permanent lip makeup. No longer do you have to spend countless hours putting on mascara, lip liner or tint in front of a mirror. With a simple click of a button, you can begin your permanent lip makeup experience with me, Sabria. However, if you’re not sure what permanent makeup procedure you want start with first check out my other blogs here.

In this blog, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about permanent lip makeup or lip blushing: a new permanent makeup technique that I’ve learned over the years. Let me just say, I absolutely love this technique so much that I had to have it done on myself, and the results are amazing! If you want to see the lip services that I offer, just click here. I not only offer lip blushing, I also offer lip contouring and full lip colour application as well. The reason why I love lip blush so much is because it appears so natural and subtle once healed, think of the effect your favorite lip tint leaves – but permanent. Depending on your skin tone, the pigment you choose will appear slightly different upon healing, but still gorgeous!

What Is Permanent Lip Makeup (Lip Blushing)

Lip blush, or lip blushing is a fairly new permanent makeup technique that has become quite the trend in today’s beauty/fashion industry – for good reason. This procedure is different from anything I’ve offered before. It enhances the beauty of your natural lip colour and will also shape your lips, giving them more definition and fullness. PMU lips are similar to nanoneedling whereas tiny needles penetrate the lips and deposits pigment into skin. Lip blush is not like any other traditional cosmetic tattoo which can eventually damage skin beyond repair. Lip blushing involves little disruption to the dermis, created with real pigments, and created with safer machinery. If you have any question about our lip blush services – ask away here.

Choosing Your Shade!

The shade you choose also depends on the technique you desire. If you’re looking for more subtle, plump lips – a lighter pigment would be best or a lip blush. For a bolder look, a darker pigment is much more suitable – full lips or lip contouring. Being a professional makeup artist for 10+ years, I have come to master mixing pigments in order to match my clients skin tone. This means whatever shade you choose will be mixed and customized to your liking. I suggest that you schedule a free permanent lip makeup consultation in order to discuss the desired look, shade, and shape you want here!

Permanent Lip Makeup Lip Blushing - Choosing your shade

How long does permanent lip blush last?

Your permanent lip blush will last for up to two years without any retouching. After those two years, you’ll start noticing your permanent lip makeup will begin to fade. If you aren’t pleased with the overall look of your lip blush, you can come in for more colour after the healing process is complete. It takes about 5 to 10 days for your lip blush to heal.

Is there pain?

I like to apply a topical numbing cream so my clients will only feel a light prickling sensation on their lips as I apply pigment. I take my work very seriously, so I ask my client’s who’ve received permanent lip makeup if they’ve experienced any side effects, and the majority say no. Only a little redness and swelling is experienced after a couple of days.

How much does permanent lip blush cost?

The cost for this procedure may vary depending on what PMU lip service is chosen. We offer Full Lips, Lip Contouring, and Lip Blush services, all varying from $600-650. Each technique offers clients a different look, if you want to see more pictures of my work – check out my instagram.

How long does the permanent lip blush procedure take?

The permanent lip makeup procedure can take about an hour and a half. So, make sure you’ve blocked out at least two hours of your schedule in order for me to do the best work I can. I’m a perfectionist, therefore I like to take my time to assure everything turns out beautiful.

If you’re not ready to book your permanent lip makeup procedure, no worries. Here are some of my favourite lip tints and colours to test out how your pmu lips will look on you!
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YSL Vinyl lip Stain $37.00