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Learn the top leading permanent makeup techniques from the best!


Get into the exciting world of Permanent Makeup by training with us here at Brows & Beyond!


$ 2500
  • Learn the art form of shading and creating a perfect ombre brow!


$ 5500
  • Learn the latest and most popular technique amoung permanent eyebrows- Nano Needling!

The theory behind these services can be taught by anyone. However, the art of it cannot.

When searching for the right courses to invest in, it’s crucial that you do your homework. Although there are many choices out there, chose the one that right for you.  The theory behind procedures like Nano Needling and Powdered Brows can be taught, but the art however, cannot.  Be sure that the next instructor you chose is a master in what they do, their previous work should speak for itself.

      Strive for perfection in your job?  From pre-drawing the ideal brows for your client, to executing the final result-each step requires precise attention, care, and most importantly: skill.  For the individual who is willing to invest in learning the proper techniques the rewards for the job are very fulfilling.

     Brows & Beyond will give you the most comprehensive and broad knowledge of Cosmetic Tattooing.  Our programs will teach you the nessecary skills and techniques you’ll need to advance in this industry. 

Build a lucrative career by offering these innovative permanent makeup techniques.

Permanent Makeup is one of the hottest trends right now and is just getting bigger  Learn the skills that help women feel empowered and beautiful

Get Top Training From Ottawa's Top Permanent Makeup Artist!

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Can I Be Successful?

The Beauty industry has always provided it’s patrons with unlimited growth and mobility. Now, with Permanent Makeup becoming more and more popular, the chances of gaining a successful career is unmatched. With Training, we provide the necessary techniques, however you must provide the talent and skill-as permanent make up is still an art form.

How Much Can I Make?

An Average Nano Needling Procedure cost around $550. If you book 8 clients a week, that adds up to $4400 of potential weekly revenue. With this in mind, as a permanent makeup artist, you can make up to 230,000 annually(excluding tips)!

How Long Does Training Take?

Here at Brows & Beyond, we offer 3 day training courses, packed with all the skills and tools you’ll need to excel in your new career. We value our trainees and welcome them to always come back for advice, tips, and/or referrals. Our job as instructors is to make sure our students advance and beyond!

Is There One On One Training?

Due to The high volume of request, unfortunately there is no one on one training available at the moment. Please join our watch list and we’ll let you know when One-on-One training becomes available.

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